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What does the user feel?

Mephedrone effects are often compared to those of MDMA, MBDB, bk-MDMA (methylone), cocaine, metamphetamine and other stimulants. It causes no hallucinogenic effects, being most popular for its euphoric effects, as well as with reports about compulsive desire for taking additional doses.

The effects of using Mephedrone could conditionally be divided into three groups, namely pleasant, neutral and unpleasant.

Pleasant effects:

•    Psychical and physical stimulation;
•    Euphoria; feeling high;
•    Sense of intimacy/empathy;
•    Increased sociability and communicability;
•    Pleasant excitement.

Neutral effects:

•    Consciousness alternation (as with most of the psychoactive drugs);
•    Poor appetite;
•    Enlarged pupils;
•    Unusual bodily sensations (blood rushing into the face; shivers and shudders; fit of energy);
•    Changes in body temperature regulation;
•    Sweating;
•    Heart rhythm and blood pressure increase.

Unpleasant effects (the higher the dosage, the higher the chance for them to occur):

•    Compulsive desire for taking additional doses and for experiencing once again the first wave of euphoria;
•    Unpleasant changes of the body temperature (sweating; shivers);
•    Heart palpitations, sense of racing heart;
•    Short-term memory disturbances;
•    Insomnia;
•    Jaw muscles hardening; gnashing teeth;
•    Light muscle cramps;
•    Uncontrolled fast eye movements;
•    Dizziness, vertigo;
•    Severe peripheral vasoconstriction (narrowing of the blood vessels)Pain, swelling and nose and throat bleeding, sinusitis (when Mephedrone is being snuffed in).

When taken orally, Mephedrone effects start within 15-45 minutes (depending on how full the stomach is) and continue for 2-3 hours. Many of the users report for insomnia over the next one to four hours after the effects have faded, but their consciousness remains in its initial state. When snuffed in, Mephedrone usually starts to manifest its effects over the next several minutes, having its peak within 30 minutes or less.

Very often Mephedrone users have compulsive desire to take additional doses soon after the effects have faded (usually on the 45th to 120th minute after taking the initial dose). When taking low doses, users report for relatively slight residual effects on the day after, having just a slight or almost none hangover. Those who use Mephedrone often and in high dosage report for alarming neurological and vascular symptoms, which continue from several days to several weeks.