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Can you become addicted?

Initial data used to claim that Mephedrone is an alternative of the metamphetamine, cocaine and other stimulants that could not cause addiction. However, there are sufficient proofs that it leads to development of compulsive models of use that are similar to or even stronger than that of the other stimulants.

Mephedrone use leads to increased tolerance toward the amount of doses taken, and, as a result, many of the users face difficulties in controlling it within a short time. Despite the lack of sufficient data on long-term psychological dependency, it is very likely that Mephedrone is merely a stimulant like all the hitherto-known others that often lead to abuse.

There is a slim chance that Mephedrone causes physical dependency, which means the abstinence symptoms are slight and do not endanger the human life. However, at the same time, the odds are that some users are highly prone to psychological dependency. According to a survey carried out in Scotland in 2010, one of every sixth Mephedrone user reports for dependency or dependency symptoms.