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Hash and weed come from a plant with the Latin name Cannabis Sativa or, in short, cannabis.

Hash and weed are usually mixed with tobacco and then, using one or more rolling papers, rolled into the form of a cigarette or so-called joint. The smoking of a joint is called ‘getting high’ in English. There are people who put hash or weed in their food, usually in the form of so-called ‘space cake.’ It can be made like tea or boiled in milk (so called herb milk).

  • Addictive? With intensive use, physical dependence can occur. Psychological dependence can also occur.
  • Increasingly more needed for the same effect? No.
  • Short-term effects: Relaxing, intensifies emotion, reduces concentration, delays reaction times, changes sensory perceptions. Higher dosages can lead to anxiety, panic and sometimes to loss of consciousness.
  • Long-term effects: Damage to the respiratory organs, cancer (in cases of smoking).
  • Important: When combined with alcohol, the effects of the alcohol are intensified. Risk of overdosis when put in food such as space cake.