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ECETT celebrates its 10th anniversary

ECETT celebrates its 10th anniversary

Our partner organization ECETT (European companionship in education, training by travel) will celebrate its tenth anniversary with an international conference in Warsaw on 5 December, 2016. You can read more about the event's program in the invitation from ECETT's President, Mr. Georges van der Straten, posted below.

If you would like to participate, please, fill in the registration form:  


Integrating past experiences into a better future !

Invitation to the 10th Anniversary of Ecett  Conference

5th  December  2016,             Warsaw, Poland

We are delighted to invite you at the International conference for professionals in human centered occupations including workshops for exchange of good practice reported from abroad. This conference is hosted by MONAR Association and Ecett‐Networks NGO: European learning network of associations in sectors of Youth, Social integration and Addiction.

Ecett is an innovative learning network based on the model of the Journeymen and on exchange of good practices ( Its aim is to improve the quality of services in human centered occupations and to allow everyone to develop oneself “in and through his/her job". The learning method of Ecett has been awarded by prestigious prizes: the Kotan Award (2009, Poland), best learning method in non-­profit sector by Training Journal (2013, London), best method in categories “Staff Development” and “People and Performances” by the Peer Award for Excellence (London ,2014).

The conference will gather employers and professionals from Italy, Poland, Belgium, France, Ireland, Spain, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Greece. Ecett is a real ongoing learning opportunity for organizations in the human   centered occupations.

Please join this “Extraordinary 10th Anniversary Ecett Event”

Place: Centrum Pomocy Bliźniemu Monar Markot.                Address: ul. Marywilska 44a, Warszawa

The programme includes:

MORNING: Conference with three keynote speakers       

Thomas Fischer, Educational Psychologist and Psychotherapist,  for almost 20 years active in the fields of Lifelong Learning, Intergenerational Learning, Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching, Social and Digital Inclusion, Educational Transitions and Prospective Studies for Education and Training (E&T). He is currently working as a Senior Researcher and is associated with the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in München (Germany). Thomas Fischer launched the DISCUSS Online Community for Lifelong Learning (http://www.discuss-­‐

The speaker will focus on Lifelong Learning (i.e.  hopes, realities and pitfalls) and will at the same time look at Educational Transitions and Professional Development and about how Technology can support Learning, Teaching and Training.                    

Kenneth Robinson: Master of Science at St Georges Medical School in Addictive Behaviours

(London), he worked 24 years in the field of substance use/misuse. He trained professionals and acted as a consultant (to Doctors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors in Substance Misuse) and worked in service delivery/management/policy development.

His presentation will focus on « What is 'addiction'? Do we, as professionals, enable the client to continue their substance use? Are we working to an outdated treatment model? ».  Focus will be put on the 'Resonance Factor', a model that allows the substance user to explore and  understand his or her relationship with their substance/s of choice.    

Jolanta Lazuga–Koczurowska: President of the Board of the MONAR Association-clinical psychologist, certified specialist in addiction therapy,  supervisor,  author of different therapeutic, preventive and training programs. She graduated from the University of A. Mickiewicz in Poznan, was a Fellow at the University of Massachusetts (USA), has been certified as the addiction treatment specialist at the University of San Diego (California, USA), works with the Council of Europe. She is the founder and leader of Poland's first drug addiction rehabilitation center for children and youth in Gdansk.

Jolanta Lazuga–Koczurowska is the author of over 100 publications in the field of addiction treatment and prevention, and many papers and presentations at seminars and conferences around the world.

The presentation will focus on educational process as part of addiction therapy programs in Monar.                          

AFTERNOON: workshops for exchange of good practices            

Participants to the Ecett Event will assist to workshops where Ecett trainees coming from different countries will exchange good practices linked to their professional sectors: Youth, Social Work and Addiction. At the end of the workshops, certificates will be awarded to the trainees who presented the good practice that they reported from abroad. The workshops will happen in English and French in function of the participants.           

If you intend to join us or if you wish more information, please contact Fabienne Vanbersy, coordinator of Ecett-Networks at

Hoping to have the priviledge to meet you at the Ecett Event in Warsaw,

Sincerely yours,

Georges van der Straten

President of Ecett-Networks asbl.