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What does the user feel?

Arbitrarily, the effects of the use of Hawaiian Rose can be divided into pleasant, neutral and unpleasant.

Pleasant effects:

• Elation, euphoria;
• The sensation of depth and insight;
• An increased sense of aesthetics and sensibility;
• Giggles and laughter;
• A sense of engagement with the world;
• Change in the perceptions of time, sound and visualization;
• Visions with both closed and open eyes.

Neutral effects:

• General change in consciousness (as with most drugs);
• Changed perceptions;
• Lethargy or laziness (both physical and mental);
• Changes in the perception of time;
• A sense of warped reality; of sinking into nothingness;
• Indifference and apathy;
• Unusual thoughts and strange speech;
• The effects subside after one day, but one remains unable to work.

Unpleasant effects:

• Anxiety;
• A feeling of extreme tiredness;
• Nausea, vomiting (very common);
• Abdominal cramps;
• Delirium, dizziness, confusion;
• Flashbacks - a sudden return of sensations and experiences encountered during use of the drug;
• Paranoia, fear, panic, psychosis (more common with higher doses and frequent use).

Usually the effects occur between 20 to 40 minutes after ingestion of the seeds, and last between 4 to 8 hours. Residual effects can be felt for another 6 hours.