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How to react

Consult with the school psychologist
• Share your doubts and support them with facts,
• Think of different options to act having in mind the personality of the student.

A conversation with the student
• Maintain a calm and not blaming conversation and support your opinion with facts,
• Set clear boundaries and rules,
• Make a warning that you will inform the parents,
• Say clear that you are willing and ready to look for support and help if such is needed.

Inform the parents
• It is recommendable to meet with the parents in school to inform them rather than talking on the phone with them,
• Give the information in a delicate and kind manner,
• Give the facts that you have noticed and the arguments that support your assumption,
• It is good to say that you are willing to help and support and to coordinate your common actions in one direction.

Do not forget that if you have doubts or feeling uncertain or should you like to learn more, you can call the Helpline at 0888 99 18 66 or use some of the other information channels - chat or e-mail. And one more thing – the use of drugs and alcohol could be a symptom of having personal or family problems. Delivering messages such as „Drugs do harm”, „You will fail”, „You will lose your life/health” could lead to loss of trust and limit the dialogue.