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What is Co-dependency?

When there is an addicted person in the family, his/her problem becomes a main problem for all of his/her close relatives. Just like the dependence from psychologically active substances, co-dependency also develops and gets more and more dangerous for the life and health of the family of the person using drugs.
The more the addiction progresses, the more the parent’s (wife’s/ husband’s) control over the situation increases, which leads to more frequent drugs use, scandals and family relations deterioration.

Co-dependency is shown in:

  • Losing strength and hope;
  • Constant stress and tension;
  • Frequent emotional outbursts;
  • Insomnia;
  • Losing interest in all the pleasant everyday occupations and the pleasure of doing them;
  • Avoiding contacts with friends, neighbors and relatives and etc...


In order not to be run by co-dependency, read the recommendations below:

  • Learn whatever you can about drugs and addiction as a medical disorder;
  • Get to know yourself;
  • Take care of yourself;
  • Master your emotions;
  • Learn to manage stress and tension;
  • Stop giving a way to manipulations.


Regarding this matter a consultation with a specialist or visiting mutual aid groups might help you. More information you can receive calling the drugs info line.