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Mutual aid groups

What are the mutual aid groups?

  • Mutual aid groups nowadays are part of the modern programs for treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of addicted people.
  • Mutual aid groups are special programs for working with the families and close relatives of the addicted people.
  • Mutual aid groups give space where addict’s close fellows can share their experience, opinions, questions, feelings, and also perspectives and roads yet taken.
  • Mutual aid groups help relatives not only to be a part of the addicted person’s problem but to become a part of it’s solution.


What is the mutual aid group’s purpose?

  • Acceptance and compassion for the pain of the parents and relatives of the people who are addicted to psychoactive substances;
  • Understanding and creating an atmosphere of mutual aid;
  • Looking for solutions out of the problematic situation of questions and misunderstanding, guilt and anxiety;
  • Listening to what parents go through and think, without being judged and being imputed a categorical decision of their problem;
  • Support for difficulties and opinions of the addict’s relatives, support in clarifying their needs, specific steps and probable decisions for change, directing them towards personal and family wellbeing.


How to participate in mutual aid groups?

  • Get in touch with a social worker who can direct you.
  • Look for information about treatment programs and rehabilitation of addictions.
  • Get in touch with the anonymous groups of addicted people and alcoholics.
  • Consult with a specialist calling the Helpline where confidentiality is guaranteed.