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The Law and Drugs

The control, production, commerce and using of drugs are regulated by:

"The law on the control of  drug substances and their precursors"

This Law determines the organization, powers and tasks of the authorities which control the producing, processing, selling, storing, importing, exporting, transporting, acquiring and accounting of the narcotic substances and the precursors. The Law also traces the abuse and the illegal traffic of narcotic substances.

The law is attached for all the plants and substances classified as anesthetic and psychotropic; for all the products in which they are contents and also for all substances that could be used in the producing of anesthetic and psychotropic products classified as precursors.

The names of the narcotic substances are included in Lists I, II and III (Article 3, Paragraph 1 and 2), as the order of classification of the plants and the substances as narcotic is determined by The decree of the order for classification of the plants and the substances as narcotic.

According to Article 30 it is forbidden the producing, processing, trading, conservation, importing, exporting, transporting, offering, acquiring, using and possessing of plants, narcotic substances and their derivations and products included in List I. The responsible authorities confiscate the subjects and the resources of the crime in favor of the jurisdiction (Article 8).

The circumstances that determine actions as illegal are foreseen in the Criminal Code of Republic of Bulgaria (Article 354). In accordance to the nature of the crime the punishments could be:

•    Fine up to BGN 300 000
•    Imprisonment for term up to 20 years
•    Imprisonment and fine
•    Probation
•    Deprivation of professional rights

The persons who are addicted to or abusing narcotic substances have the right to be admitted in different programs for medical treatment, psycho-social rehabilitation and harm reduction of the use of narcotic substances.