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Our team will provide free-of-charge psychological support

Our team will provide free-of-charge psychological support

For more than 11 years we, the team of the National Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling Helpline, have been providing consultations, information and support via telephone, chat and email to those who feel lost on their way and are searching for help and alternatives.

Today we face a problem on an international level and as experienced professionals  and in a purely human plan we decided unanimously that we have to help the people who need it by supporting you and giving you space to share your anxiety and receive our guidelines.

We are sure that support and mutual help are the only ways to cope with this global and personal crisis caused by COVID-19. We are aware that in these hard times of health, social and economic threat that affects our basic needs of connection and belonging we all feel anxious and insecure. More than ever, we try to hang on to something in order to continue. We understand that in the face of fear, we lose our ability to connect with ourselves and this may deepen the crisis as well as impede the search for ways out.

We would like to inform you that from April 6, 2020 until the end of the quarantine period, a part of our team will provide free-of-charge anonymous psychological support and help to those of you who need it.

How can you contact us?

  • By telephone – you can call us every weekday from 9 am to 5 pm on 0888 99 18 66. The duration of one conversation is limited to 30 minutes and will be entirely aimed at your concerns regarding COVID-19.
  • Email – you can contact us and you will receive an answer in 24 hours or less.

Three psychologists trained in online consulting with experience in working with people who are going through hard life periods and crises will be answering your calls and emails. Our consultants have experience in working with individuals, groups and in family consulting.

The Helpline will continue its usual activities – providing information, consultations and guidelines in connection with the types of psychoactive substances, the effects and risks of their use, problem gambling, addiction and treatment methods, services in Bulgaria. The chat will be only available for consultations about psychoactive substances and gambling.

Please, do not hesitate to contacts us!

We wish you good health,

The team of the NDAGH